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If you’re carrying out building or land re-development work, an ecological survey must be carried out on your site at the planning stage.

The purpose of an ecological survey is to assess the impact development work could have on protected species and vegetation in the area. Where a risk is identified, a plan to mitigate any adverse effects will also need to be submitted with your planning application.

We offer a complete suite of ecological surveys to establish the presence of protected species on your site and make mitigation plans as necessary. Once completed, we’ll provide a full report to submit with your planning application.

Once your plans are approved, and work begins, we can continue to monitor the site to identify the effectiveness of mitigation and management.

Bat surveys

From scrub and tree clearance to seeding and planting new habitats. We’re fully licensed to use a range of machinery and pesticides, and only plant high-quality seeds and plants that have proven germination success.

Other protected species surveys

Through a combination of our ecological knowledge and practical conservation expertise, we can offer a range of other ecological surveys for any land development project.

Our other protected species surveys include:

• Amphibian survey (including Great Crested Newt survey)
• Reptile survey
• Bird survey
• Badger survey
• Riparian mammal survey
• Phase 1 habitat survey
• National Vegetation Classification survey (NVC survey)
• Riparian invertebrate survey (including Southern Damselfly)
• Terrestrial invertebrate survey (including Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera)

When’s the best time to carry out a survey?

The optimal time for a survey will depend on the species you need it for. Most
species can only be surveyed at certain times of the year, so it’s best to plan well ahead, so your project isn’t delayed.

Use our ecological survey calendar

Our ecological surveys have a 100% planning approval success rate

“Rob is a very highly skilled ecologist. His knowledge is wide ranging which is
invaluable for our requirements for multiple species and habit surveys. He is
incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about wildlife. His understanding of land
management is not just focused on conservation but on wider land use and
agricultural needs. Rob has carried out extended Phase 1 surveys for us and we
have asked for specific species advice on our other sites too. Rob is a very friendly
and conscientious person and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a
professional ecologist.”

Leah Mathias-Collins, Environment Manager | Vitacress

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