Practical Conservation Services

We can offer a complete range of practical conservation & habitat management services, including:

Habitat Restoration

We regularly undertake scrub and tree clearance within habitat restoration projects and our operators are fully licenced to use a range of machinery including chainsaws, brushcutters, tractors, diggers and forestry machinery to assist with this type of work.

Seeding and planting of new habitat areas is undertaken using only high quality seeds and plants from UK sources with proven track-records of germination success and we can support new planting schemes with reliable maintenance visits. Pesticide qualifications ensure that these are only used appropriately and safely to support new planting schemes.

Woodland and Hedgerow Creation and Restoration

We can undertake all stages of your woodland and hedgerow restoration or creation scheme, from design and grant applications to planting of your new woodland or hedgerow, to renewing management regimes in derelict woodland stands or re-invigorating leggy and defunct hedgerows.

Livestock Management

From advising on stocking densities for your site to full livestock management plans we can assist you with bringing livestock to your conservation site for the first time. Through our years of experience of working with livestock, we can design and install fencing and livestock handling facilities which will not only simply keep your livestock on your site, but will ensure that management of your livestock is as practical and stress free (for both the handlers and the animals) as possible. Once on site, we can assist you with day-to-day management of your animals or less frequent tasks such as loading and moving your animals between sites.

Wetland Habitat Creation

We have worked in a wide range of wetland environments, from ditch construction to restore watermeadow networks and mire restoration projects in the New Forest to pond construction works and riverbank restoration and re-planting work.


All fencing types will be installed to the highest standards and we can offer a wide range of fences, from stock fencing and post-and-rail types to reptile and amphibian fencing.

Management Planning

From concept to operation we can help you with all phases of management planning for your site, whether for a new conservation site, to re-invigorate an established nature reserve, or development of a SANG to mitigate the impacts of development. We can also assist with grant applications to help you fund your new management regime , including HLS and WGS applications.

Clerk of Works and Contractor Management

Careful design and planning of habitat creation and restoration schemes can often be undone by miscommunication with on-the-ground contracting staff, particularly from non-conservation contractors who may not recognise the minutiae of designed in features. We can work closely with your contractors to oversee all ecological or conservation installations to ensure they are undertaken in the most effective manner.