We can offer a complete suite of ecological surveys to establish baseline conditions on your site, whether for a re-development scheme or prior to instigating a new management regime. We can then assist with interpretation of baseline data to establish constraints and priorities within any new scheme design and continue monitoring to identify the effectiveness of mitigation and management.

Through the combination of ecological knowledge and practical conservation expertise we can offer a unique opportunity to truly integrate ecological data with scheme development, mitigation design and management planning and implementation.

Surveys we offer:

  • Amphibian surveys (including GCN)
  • Reptile surveys
  • Bat surveys
  • Bird surveys
  • Badger surveys
  • Riparian mammal surveys
  • Phase 1 surveys
  • NVC & habitat surveys
  • Riparian invertebrate surveys (including Southern Damselfly)
  • Terrestrial invertebrate surveys (including Lepidoptera & Hymenoptera)